Decades of Dedication to Superior Cooling Technology

Professional Manufacturer with Over 20 Years’ Expertise in High-Quality Cooling Fans

ACDCFAN is dedicated to the R&D and production of ventilation and cooling fan products. Our team strives for excellence and insists on technology innovation, continued to drive the self-development to meet global market demands.

One-stop product solution

Specializing in the production of AC/DC/EC cooling fans.

Multiple product certification

ACDCFAN has internationally recognized CE, UL, RoHS, and TUV product certifications.

R&D Capability

Professional R&D team and advanced laboratory equipment.

Lean production management

Lean manufacturing improves efficiency and brings lower cost and fast delivery.

What make our cooling fans different?

Delivering stable performance and unwavering quality for a distinctive cooling effect in your product.

ACDCFAN – Elevating cooling solutions for Every need!

Continuous innovation

Strict quality control and testing

Unparalleled stability and unwavering quality

Pursuing consistent excellence in product performance

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Product Category

DC Fans

High speed and high efficiency make brushless DC fans stand out, you can us the DC axial fans and DC radiad fans.

Delivery time





5, 12, 24, 48V


2000 – 20000rpm

Optional functions


AC Fans

The classic AC Fans have strong stability, AC axial fans and AC radial fans are available from ACDCFAN.

Delivery time





110, 220, 380V


1800 – 3200rpm

Air Flow

16.5– 1150CFM

EC Fans

As a new type of energy-saving and eco-friendly fan, more and more customers choose our EC fans.

Delivery time





110, 220V


2000 – 10000rpm

Optional functions


Fan and Filter Units

& Fan Accessories

ACDCFAN filter group uses high-quality environmentally friendly acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material, which can be customized as flame retardant material and complies with UL94-V0.

Delivery time


Overall Dimensions


IP protection level


An ideal compact fan from here

Explore your tailor-made cooling fans solution

Our professional and experienced R&D team is aim to provide the most appropriate product solution to fully meet your special requirements.

OEM Solution

Customized Speed, Air Flow, Air Pressure, Noise Level, etc. To achieve excellent performance of your products

Industry Application Customization

● High-temperature resistance 150℃

● IP68-rated protection

● Anti-salt/fog

Service and Support

ACDCFAN is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to our customers. We understand the importance of prompt assistance, technical expertise, and reliable communication.

  •    Project Customization Service   
  •    Technical Support   
  •    Sales Training   
  •    After-Sales Service   
   Project Customization Service   

Project Customization Service

With the customization service, our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver customized project solutions that meet your expectations.

   Technical Support   

Technical Support 

Our experienced and skilled technical support team is available to address any technical questions or challenges you may have.

   Sales Training   

Sales Training

We believe in equipping the sales team with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively serve customers.

   After-Sales Service   

After-Sales Service

We are committed to providing excellent after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.

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