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The R&D Lab at ACDCFAN is the heartbeat of innovation and continuous improvement in our organization. Here is where ideas are conceptualized, tested and refined. Our team is constantly exploring new materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques to improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of our cooling fans.

Your needs drive our innovation. ACDCFAN’s R&D is customer-centric, focusing on solutions that enhance your experience, elevate performance, and set new benchmarks in reliability.

Beyond innovation, ACDCFAN is committed to sustainable practices. Our R&D explores eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies,and environmentally conscious solutions, relecting our dedication to a greener future.

Wind tunnel test system

Noise testing room

Constant temperature and humidity tester

Salt spray test machine

Air flow & Air pressure test

Noise level test

Temperature and humidity condition test

Salt spray environment simulation test

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